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Pablo Requena

Pablo was born in Malaga, southern Spain where he was very influenced by Andalucían guitar makers which has meant that his guitars have a very strong Spanish character. As a maker he has been building classical and flamenco guitars for the last 20 years in a very traditional way inspired by the instruments made by Antonio Torres and Hermann Hauser.

He uses mainly hand tools and timbers that have been seasoned well in his workshop. His guitars are played by musicians that include Paul Gregory, John Mills, Jorge Cardoso, Javier Garcia, and the late Amy Winehouse amongst many others.

Meet Pablo

I deliberated for a couple of years before joining this guitar building course and can honestly say that is has been one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of my life


Guitar Making Course

Small Group Guitar Making course

The Spanish guitar making course offers a small group of 3 students the opportunity to build a classical or a flamenco guitar using traditional construction techniques. This will  include building with a Solera mould, the Spanish neck/body join and bracing systems and making a rosette to your own design, as well as learning specific techniques to be able to use the required tools.

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One to One Guitar Making course

This unique intensive course gives those students who want individual tuition the opportunity to construct a Spanish guitar to their own specifications, whether they are beginners or have made guitars in the past. You can text Pablo in order to discuss most convenient dates.

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