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Guitar Making Course

The Spanish guitar making course offers the student the opportunity to build a classical or a flamenco guitar using traditional construction techniques. This will  include building with a Solera mould, the Spanish neck/body join and bracing systems and making a rosette to your own design, as well as learning specific techniques to be able to use the required tools.

As part of the course I will be delivering short seminars that include: different styles of construction, construction methods, selecting timbers, sharpening tools and varnishing techniques. The seminars are casual in nature and give the students an opportunity to ask questions and get a deeper understanding of how to make a Spanish guitar. To ensure the best teaching standards each group is made up of only 3 students.

Dates for 2018

2nd to 27th of April.   Course full
7th of May to 1st of June. Course full 
3rd to 28th of September.  Places available
8th of October to 2nd November. Course full
The cost of the guitar making course is £3200 which includes materials, but not accommodation.

An initial deposit of £500 will be required to secure a place on the course.

A second payment of £1300 is to be paid before the end of the month prior to the course.

The final payment of £1400 will be paid at the beginning of the course.

The course runs for 4 weeks and in that time the student will build a classical or a flamenco guitar from scratch using only raw materials without using pre-fabricated components. In that time the guitar will be completed and ready to take home with a basic coat of varnish that is adequate for the guitar to be played.

The materials that are provided in the course are:

For a Classical Guitar:

  • Indian rosewood back and sides, bridge and head plate
  • German spruce or cedar for the soundboard
  • Cedrela for the neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Fusteros machine heads or similar
  • Hard case

For a Flamenco Guitar:

  • Cypress or Indian rosewood back and sides
  • German spruce or cedar for the soundboard
  • Cedrela for the neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Fusteros machine heads or similar
  • Hard case

Other timbers could be supplied if required (this may incur an additional cost)

The workshop is situated in the town on Torremolinos, just outside Malaga, 10 minutes from the airport.

Accommodation is very easy to find in the local area as well as in the city of Malaga and public transport provides easy access.

The best way to find places to stay is via the internet, but please feel free to contact me for assistance with this.

To enrole please send an e-mail through the contact page with your details explaining what type of guitar you would like to build. Following that we will arrange to speak over the phone at a convenient time to establish if this course is suitable for you and discuss any particular details that you might need to know.